Medicare Cost Reporting

Medicare Cost Reporting in Dearborn, MI

A business that provides in-home medical care performs an essential service for their patients. When it comes to finances, though, these businesses may need some help of their own. Our CPA firm expertly serves home health care agencies with Medicare Cost Reporting in Dearborn. We help these unique agencies create the right financial reports to facilitate continued funding for services from the Medicare program.

How a CPA Helps Your Home Healthcare Agency

Home health care agencies have a regulatory requirement to report their costs for services to Medicare, but cost reporting is a complex process that is best handled by someone with financial know-how.

Ngeeb Alderwish, CPA –owner and operator – takes information recorded from your home health agency and uses that information to generate the correct reports for Medicare. Home health companies need to prove that their billings are legitimate in order to secure further funding from Medicare; with accounting assistance from Alderwish CPA, PLLC, we can generate reports and make accurate calculations to provide all necessary and relevant information.

Financial Reporting for Home Health Specialists

Ngeeb begins the financial reporting process by conducting a question-and-answer session with your home health agency. We go over your PSR report to determine:

• What kinds of services you’ve performed throughout the year (physical therapy, social work, etc.)
• How much time your nurses (RN or CNA) spent at each patient’s house
• Relevant employment and statistical data

We use this information to determine the average cost per each visit that your staff, or certified nursing assistants, has made for your clients. This calculation is crucial for showing Medicare how much of your costs are legitimate expenses. This process may require the analysis of other documents (such as balance sheets and your financial statement), which is why it’s so important to work with a CPA.

Alderwish CPA, PLLC even utilizes swift, specialized reporting software to help you get an accurate cost report. This information is generated with sophisticated formulas that make sense for your niche industry. We take expert care of your unique cost reporting needs, so you can get back to helping your patients.

Need Cost Reporting for your Home Health Business? Contact Our CPA
We happily take care of the highly technical and complex duty of cost reporting for home health agencies in Dearborn. Alderwish CPA, PLLC turns your internal reports and agency reports into an accurate cost report for submission to Medicare, so your agency can continue to provide important home health services to the people who need it most.